Career guidance is part art and part science. Matching your customers with the right job or helping them with the next step in their career can be based on their interests, aptitudes, skills and personalities. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that genetics may also influence the level of job satisfaction in different careers.

By helping your customers discover the impact their genes may have in such factors as optimism, sociability, and empathy, they can explore alternative paths that they may have not considered before. Your customers can also gain the confidence they need to make an important change in their career track. The journey toward the right career can be both informative and fun with the Aptitude panel!

The Aptitude panel screens 23 genetic variants associated with personality. Based upon the results, trait strengths are analyzed and potential careers and roles suggested. This can provide insights for discussions in various settings- from performance reviews to career counseling.

By adding the Aptitude panel to your evaluation, you will be able to differentiate your business from other providers and can help your customers expand their horizons.

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