What could be more rewarding then helping your customers find their soul mates or confirming for them that they have found THE ONE? By enlightening your customers with the science behind their attraction, they will see what role their genes can play in their relationship and then use that information to enhance it!

Research shows that DNA does affect relationships and that individuals unconsciously seek out partners with “compatibility genes.” Whether you are an online dating site or a relationship specialist, we can assist you in forming more successful relationships and compatible partners for your customers.

The Partner Match panel begins by comparing different components of the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) complex region that are present in chromosome 6. This region contains a series of genes responsible for the immunological function of a human body. The more these genes differ, the more biologically compatible these partners will be. This proves that opposites do indeed attract.

Personalities can also be influenced by genetics, and the Partner Match panel also looks at 16 different gene variants for each partner. Your customers can have fun checking out the differences (and similarities) between them in social skills, stress response, and more!

While you provide the social compatibility factors between two people, GenoMatch.me provides the biological compatibility component. Our advanced, CLIA-certified genomics lab delivers the most accurate and secure information.

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