With recent advances in genomics, personalized medicine is becoming a reality, therapies that are tailored to a specific disease profile or to efficacies based on patient genotype are being approved at a rapid pace.

The same strategy – personalized genomics – holds promise for skin care. Each cosmetic user has a specific genetic profile based on epidermal markers, and these hold the key for personalized cosmetics.

Some users may have a higher genetic susceptibility to melanoma and warrant formulations with greater UV protection. Others may have a gene variant that increases skin aging due to a rapid breakdown of collagen fibers. As another example, a person with variants across a number of genes that relate to oxidative stress susceptibility may benefit from antioxidant formulations.

For personal care suppliers with products based on science, personalized cosmetics based on an individual’s genomic profile can hold great promise – a more useful cosmetic that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Diagnomics is looking for partners wanting to break barriers and the one-size-fits-all approach. We have developed a kit that accurately maps an individual’s variation in genes related to cosmetic efficacy including anti-oxidant damage, UV susceptibility, elasticity, hydration and more. Using advanced Illumina genome sequencing technology, we assess an individual’s samples in a CLIA-certified lab. Users receive an informative report on their variants that is matched to products that may be useful.

Are you ready for the genomic revolution in cosmetics? We have the science if you have the products.

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Tailor Products to your Consumers’ Genome