Your customer’s appreciation of wine is traditionally attributed to factors including experience, matches to food, appearance, aroma, occasions, and variety. But there is no doubt that individuals experience the same wine differently and now there is leading evidence that it may be at least partially due to genetics.

If you have a variant in the gene for TAS1R2, you likely experience greater sensitivity to sugar, and a wine with residual sugar may taste too sweet. While if you have the variant for HLA-DOA there is a significant association to preferring white wines.

As an industry expert, what is the cost of delivering a good product to the wrong type of customer?

What if you could help your customer not only choose better wines for themselves, but also help them understand why they appreciate some wines over others?

Now you can.

The WineMatch panel characterizes your customer for 12 gene polymorphisms related to their palette and taste sensations. By offering this panel, you not only help customers understand themselves better, you can also guide them to wines that make sense and help them explore new wines they may not have tried.

WineMatch can be used in loyalty programs, tasting rooms, wine clubs, wine apps, or integrated into management systems/CRM.

You can gain customer loyalty, help educate them about their unique palette, and present great wines all at once!

To help your customers (and yourself) use the Wine Match program contact us here.

Tailor Products to your Consumers’ Genome