How it works

Step 1 – Order Online

Create a account and order online. A DNA sample collection kit will be delivered to you.

Step 2 – Collect your saliva sample and activate your kit

Follow the instructions to collect your saliva sample.

Barcode activation is required to process your order. Login to your account and activate barcode on your saliva collection tube so we know the kit belongs to you.

Send your sample back to us using the provided prepaid envelope and return label.

Step 3 – Request your report

You will receive an email when your genome data becomes available. (Login > My Genome Data)

Find the list of reports you ordered under ‘My Matches’ and submit analysis request. (Login > My Genome Data > My Matches)

Your personalized genomics report will be generated using a DNA array system that looks at over 700,000 SNP markers.

Step 4 – Explore your match report

You will have access to download you report in the ‘My Matches’ section. Most of GenoMatch.Me reports take about 3-5 days to be completed upon your request.